Why N1?

Our Goal: Knowledge & Application

Our goal is to give you the Knowledge and Application that empowers you to coach anyone as an N of 1. The integrity of not just the science, but the delivery of scientific and evidence based knowledge in a way that students and coaches can easily learn and apply. Where most systems and educators will leave gaps and confusion, we provide clarity and confidence.

High Level Education

Everyone deserves one

We believe everyone deserves a high level education, not just the people willing to spend countless time and money sifting through complicated information that is 90% incorrect anyway. In order to make the world a better place, you have to start by making educators better. We want every one of our trainers and coaches to not just be a teacher to their clients, but to an example of how the fitness industry should and can be.

The N1 Advantage

Above average protocols for the individual

No one is truly average, and neither should their training and nutrition be. The key to always making progress is to make sure you are doing the right things at the right time for the individual. There is a best training program, nutrition strategy, and supplement protocol. However what that is, is unique to each individual, and will change for them over time. We are often fooled into believing that there is a superior way or training, dieting, or supplement protocol that applies to everyone all the time. When you understand the science of assessing trainability and programing for an individual, it takes the guesswork out of what is the best program. That’s why even our new students out coach most “experts” in the industry


Knowledge that’s Instantly Applicable

Most trainers and coaches suffer through a boring education process, where information of little application is taught out of context. This makes the majority of incoming knowledge useless or forgotten. N1 teaches the science and principles that will impact your business and coaching in a context that makes it easy to apply right away

N1 Creates Educated Thinkers and Problem Solvers

You will gain the information that has been keeping you from clarity and understanding of many of courses and educational resources you have used in the past. You will learn when and how some of that information applies, and be able to challenge you internal beliefs and old habits, with a logical thought process that frees you from applying broad concepts that aren’t optimal for unique individuals


Enhanced Learning Platform

All online courses are delivered on our custom platform to maximize your retention and understanding of the information. Interactive transcripts allow for easy video navigation, searching, and note taking. Simplistic visuals ensure understanding of complex systems.

Beyond Evidence Based Content

Most systems claiming to be evidence based, don’t take into account the quality, context, or application of the information they are basing their claims on. The “peer review” process offers little to know quality control of research publications and claims. N1 uses a rigorous filtering process before incorporating any research or evidence based claims into our education and claims. At N1 we do not restrict our information to only that which the current research can illustrate when we have foundational science and clinical results that can be easily applied to improve your results.


Always Up to Date

Given that the fields of business, training and nutrition are rapidly evolving content is constantly updated and delivered to all active members. Get notified when we updated any course content or add new premium content to reflect the latest research and strategies in the industry.

Community Support

All of the students of N1 are invited to join the private social media community to share thoughts, ideas, content and also to engage with and meet other like minded and driven individuals.


All of the N1 educational content is available globally and is optimized across platforms. To fit with your busy lifestyle, content can be accessed via desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices so learning on the go is never a problem.

Study at Your Own Pace

There are no time restrictions on studying the N1 course or certification materials. You can study for as long as you wish and have this material for a reference or to use as a review later on. Included with your course or certification purchase is a 6 month membership to access the additional exclusive content on the site. After your complimentary membership expires, simply move to our monthly option to retain access to all new updates and content added to the site.

Online Exams

All of the N1 exams are done online with the exception of the practicals required to complete certain certifications. This allows us to deliver better education globally and removes the restrictions imposed by geographical restrictions for individual courses. Practicals are required for certain certifications to ensure quality control of knowledge and application in practice, to maintain a high standard of our graduates’ competency and skill.

Exclusive Student Library

The library is the home to all of the N1 content outside of the certified course material. In here we have further content spanning all of the N1 topics and more. Practical application videos, case studies, training theory, business education, and written content all exclusive to you as an N1 member.

Continued Education Courses

These courses are outside of any of the main certifications, but will serve as valuable assets to your knowledge base as you continue to develop to be an expert in your field. These are only available to those who have completed one of the certifications to ensure you have the prerequisite knowledge to successfully apply the advanced concepts you will learn. Hormones, gut health, and advanced programming are just a few of the topics that will be offered

Exclusive Membership Discounts

All N1 members receive exclusive discounts from our partners. Prime Fitness USA gym equipment

Erika Kehrwald

Personal Trainer

This was a crazy-awesome starting point for someone who didn't study exercise science

Lindsay Parker

Online Coach

N1 helped me set myself apart as a coach and empowered me with a lot of knowledge.

Dan Greenbaum

Gym Owner, Personal Trainer

Having a 1,000 foot view of all the information, gives me such a better idea of how to program for the regular everyday client.

Curtis Howden

ACE Instructor, Multi-Club Manager

I'd put this up against 40+ courses that I've taken in the industry, and there's nothing as far as execution and biomechanics that even comes close to measuring up. This course is easily at the top in terms of value.

Danielle Hamlin

Personal Trainer

I’d recommend N1 Education because you’re not going to get anything like this anywhere else in the fitness industry.

Bryan Boorstein

Online Coach

These are tools that I’m now able to help my 1-on-1 clients with that I didn’t have prior.

Aaron Straker

Online Coach

“The education here of approaching it from a completely different standpoint from anything else I’ve seen has been revolutionary for me […] I feel like I didn’t give you guys enough money, to be completely honest.”

Heather Adams

Personal Trainer

“When I got my NASM certification, I realized I did not know enough. […] You want to be able to give your clients the best, and that’s what I feel I’ve achieved from this experience. “

Nathalia Melo

Ms. Olympia, Fitness Coach

There is no other course on the market right now that teaches you how to apply what you learn in a book to real life.

Paul Carter

Fitness Coach

Working with N1 has been such a magnificent blessing in my life in terms of helping to continue my knowledge in terms of biomechanics and answering a lot of my questions.

Monica Ellis


Come take this course and actually learn how to properly do exercises for your physique.

Yo Lee

Personal Trainer

It really opened my eyes. You can't say to do one thing and it fits everybody. You have to individualize. You have to look at everybody's body mechanics.

Anthony Poon

Physical Therapist

N1 has everything. You don't need to seek different people for different answers because if you go to several places they have conflicting information. Here, N1 provides you with the thought process and it makes more sense that way.

Junior Chirambo

Personal Trainer

It's been really insightful. I've learned so much in the past two days

Lindsay Parker

Personal Trainer

I wanted to come back a second time because I learned so much the first time.

Endi Beqiri

Personal Trainer

I love the scientific breakdown of everything. When we step into the gym showing each of the exercises you made sure everyone feels it the right way, going through with every single individual.

Donovan James

Personal Trainer

What I got out of these three days is more than I got out of an eight month diploma program.

Brian Thomas

It’s blown my mind as far as the practical applicability and ease in which it was explained to the point where I have no doubts that I’m able to reproduce what I’ve learned here and help a lot of people.

Derek Dolgner

Personal Trainer

The N1 Education stands out to me as being all-encompassing. They have gathered up some of the smartest individuals in the industry and combined them all into a very complete system that is a complete application for what you need to be in order to be a top coach.

Chad Clough

What I’m leaving with today is an ability, a knowledge, a base in which to go and apply everything I learned here at N1, in my workouts and clients’ workouts. It’s the most valuable teaching tool that I’ve ever had, bar none.

Kippy Sloan

Personal Trainer

The information is something that you can go an immediately use, and has answered many of the questions I’ve had for years.

Paige Kumpf

Personal Trainer

Every single day I’ve left with nuggets that I can instantly apply to my training sessions with my clients and my own training.

Charlie Hay

Personal Trainer

This is one of the first places you should start, and if it’s not the first place you start, it’s a great compliment to anything you’re already doing. If there are pieces that you’re missing, this is a great place to pick it up. It’s a really good environment for anyone.

Allen Cress

IFBB Pro, Personal Trainer

The problem with most educational experiences is everything is so theory-based that you have no application when you leave and most of the time you leave more confused than when you came in.

This experience of N1 Education has stood out for me, because i’ve been doing this for two decades, is you have something that you can apply as soon as you leave the course

Paige Lilly

IFBB Pro, Personal Trainer

It’s absolutely worth it 100%. I would sell everything that I have in order to come to this camp. I would do it again and again.

Emily Luce

Personal Trainer

It revolutionizes the way I’ve been taught to train and interact with clients. I know more now about setup and individualizing each program. I’ve been to several other classes and this just blows them all out of the water. I have so much more that I can use on an individual basis now than I had with eight other trainings.