N1 Has Everything, It’s Complete


N1 has everything. You don't need to seek different people for different answers because if you go to several places they have conflicting information. Here, N1 provides you with the thought process and it makes more sense that way.


What is different about N1 compared to other courses?
With biomechanics and the physics behind exercising, most of the courses out there aren’t very applicable right away. They’re either very “bro-science”or a bunch of nerds looking at textbooks and calculating stuff. Even in researchers they don’t put everything into consideration. In here, you don’t just look at one joint in isolation, you put muscles into it and actually contracting the muscle thinking about how the brain comes in to play and how everything comes together.
Right after a short session in the classroom, you go back in to the gym and start to apply it.That way things make more sense and it’s complete. You don’t just come here and learn a movement.