I Can’t Recommend N1 Education Enough


Working with N1 has been such a magnificent blessing in my life in terms of helping to continue my knowledge in terms of biomechanics and answering a lot of my questions.


How as the N1 course impacted you as a coach?
Better proficiency and better efficiency and creating better programming by understanding the impact that biomechanics play…The most important step is to understand really good biomechanics and how they’re gonna play a part in developing better programming and getting better results from your own training and your clients. So I can’t recommend these camps enough. I can’t recommend the N1 Education stuff enough so if you’re serious about getting better, you’re serious about getting your clients better, this is a really really great place to start.

Why would you recommend N1 Education over other courses out there?
I’ve seen what you’ve done with people. I’ve seen what your coaches have done with people. It’s a multitude of reasons…From my three decades of doing all this stuff, the things that you guys are teaching makes the most sense. A lot of the stuff is getting back to how the body moves more naturally, but understanding the positions you need to be in for it to move naturally.