N1 Education

Science Meets Practical Application

Customizing Training & Nutrition to the Individual

Education that matters, taught in a way that directly applies to your training and programming. Gain the knowledge and experience to individualize every aspect of training and nutrition to an N of 1.

Why N1?

Anatomy, Execution & Biomechanics

Individualize every rep for maximum results

We teach you how to assess range of motion and prescribe exercises, that match the biomechanics of the individual and the stimulus for your training goal

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Nutritional and Training Program Design

The Science of Trainability

Get faster results, and never hit a plateau again. The principles of trainability make sure you are always using a training and nutrition program that works for your client.

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Advanced Education Courses

Continue Expanding Your Knowledge

In-Depth specialty courses on specific topics that will amplify your ability to program, assess, and optimize performance, recovery, and body composition

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The N1 Experience

Testimonials & Case Studies

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is N1?

    N1 is symbolic for taking an approach of N of 1.  While traditional education models provide you with general information that applies to no one.  An N of 1 approach looks at the specifics to an individual so you can program for anyone. Everyone comes with their unique genetics, goals, training & diet history, and a whole host of lifestyle and environmental factors that make their needs truly unique.

  • Do I need any pre-requisites or prior experience?

    We assume no prior education, and provide vocabulary support and foundational materials in the membership area to make sure get the most out of every course regardless of your current education or experience.

  • Do I need to be A Trainer?

    While we do offer certifications, N1 courses are for those that simply want the best training and nutrition knowledge and application. You do not have to have completed any other courses to be able to take advantage of the education provided in the N1 courses.

  • Is the Certification Online Only?

    The online Coach certification can be done entirely online, however the Trainer and Coach Certification both have 1 practical weekend that must be attended in person.  You can check our Events for upcoming practical dates and locations

  • Is There a Payment Option? Do I Have to Purchase the Whole Certification?

    There is not a payment plan for the certification, but you may purchase the courses individually. 

Upcoming Events

  • Mar

    Practical – N1 HQ April

    Boulder, CO, United States
    Mar 31 - Apr 3, 2022
  • Jun

    Practical – N1 HQ June

    Boulder, CO, United States
    Jun 9 - Jun 12, 2022
  • Aug

    Practical – N1 HQ August

    Boulder, CO, United States
    Aug 11 - Aug 14, 2022

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