N1 Education - Courses

Level 1

Biomechanics & Execution

Every workout is only as good as the reps its made of. Learn how to maximize the benefit and safety of every rep for every muscle. Understand how to individualize exercises for different body types and goals. Learn how a greater understanding of biomechanics and execution can increase the effectivenss of your programs, and the effeciency of your program writing. No one teaches biomechanics with the accuracy and application that N1 does. Train smarter and harder!

Nutrition & Program Design For Trainability

No training or nutrition program can truly be effective without the support of the other. We teach how to choose the approriate training and nutrition strategies for every individual. Learn how to become more precise with the stress and stimulus of your workout programs so you can make inteligent decisions about nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle interventions to maximize recovery and results. Undulating periodization is a gross over generalization of program design. Learn a variety of stimulus for metabolic (fat loss & condititioning), neurological (strength), and hypertrophy (muscle buidling) stimulus and the best way to fuel the performance and recovery for each one.

Assessing & Optimizing Sleep Digestion, and Stress Management for Trainability

Think beyond the goal, and down to what type of stimulus a person will benefit most at this specific moment in their life, and periodization. At any given moment there is a best program for an individual, and this course will allow you to apply your program design knowledge effeciently. Learn a detailed assessment for trainability, stress, sleep, and gut health. Understand how your training programs and periodization are a huge part of the intervetions to improve a persons health and recovery.


Progressive Overload and Volume

Tonnage moved is an extremely poor metric for estimating volume of work. This course focuses on understanding the factors that affect training volume. Specifically volume of the training stimulus. We'll go through everything from theory to practical application and regulation of training volume.

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Level 2

Advanced Nutrition

Learn how to apply advanced nutrition protocols that work well with your training programs. Deep dive into hormones and energy systems that can be optimized to improve energy, performance, recovery, health, and of course body composition and hypertrophy results. Learn how many chronic issues all come down to metabolic dysfunction and how nutrition and supplement protocols can be paired with trainable programs and lifestyle practices to improve metabolic function faster and long term.

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Advanced Biomechanics

Learn a deeper understanding of how each exercise actually effects the corresponding musces by building on the concepts taught in the Biomechanics and Execution Course. Learn how internal mechanics effect the tension in the muscle as much as the resistance profile and biomechancis of the movement. Become a master of choosing the right exercises, loading patterns, and volume you need to apply to each muscle group. This course takes your exercise precription from great to world class.

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