Program Design Case Study: Student Program Assessment & Discussion

Timestamps: 1:46 Leg Workout – A1 & A2 05:30 Leg Workout – B1 & B2 08:05 Upper Push Workout Overview 09:50 Upper Push Workout – Triceps 13:08 Upper Push Workout – Medial Delts 15:00 Upper Push Workout – Cluster Sets Do You Have a Question on This Piece of Content?

Assessing if You’re Teaching and Using Proper Execution & Biomechanics

  Timestamps 1:00 You should see optimization of range of motion 3:41 If you doing things properly, you should see ROM improve over time 5:33 If your applying execution and biomechanics appropriately, you should see that you actually get stronger 6:11 You should be breaking plateaus not creating new ones 8:09 Taking sets to greater […]