Be A Student, Not A Follower

  Timestamps 00:27 Overview 01:10 Objectively looking at your mentors 03:30 Not everyhting will be relevant to where you are in your education journey 05:04 Choose a unique and variety of mentors/don’t ignore people that challenge your point of view 06:14 Don’t be afraid to learn from your mentors mistakes as well as their successes […]


Timestamps 00:15 Inflammation is not evil, some is necessary. 02:00 Focus on maximizing recovery in ways that won’t interfere with the training stimulus. 05:10 Inflammation is stress at a cellular level 07:20 Using supplements that block inflammation without addressing the root cause is not a long-term solution and might ultimately make things worse. 08:50 You […]

Coaching Client Procedures

Understanding Exercise Pairing – Labeling In A Workout

The labeling system we use in our programs might be new to you and seem odd at first glance, but is really quite simple and will easily become second nature.  This is not something we created on our own and has been used for years by coaches across the fitness and strength industry. You will […]

Understanding Tempo

Learning how to read and implement tempos are a key for your success in the N1 program. Tempos are used for progression, changing resistance profiles, altering the stimulus to the nervous system, emphasizing what is being recruited and where it’s being recruited.