Nutrition & Training Before Supplementation

Timestamps 00:13 More often than not supplements are not always the primary solution 00:42 Most people do not realize how little they understand about programming 03:02 Working in your wheelhouse; people need a lot of help in a lot of areas 05:02 Educating yourself with a critical eye 06:17 It doesn’t matter what the research […]

Considerations When Cycling PEDs

Timestamps 01:30 How long to stay “off” 05:00 Bridging 06:30 Why you can’t only rely on bloodwork 08:20 When the goal is to come completely off and restore natural function 11:42 These are not replacements for poor training, nutrition, and stress management

Supplementation is Individual Not Based on Demographic

Timestamps 00:25 Supplements vary based on individual’s needs, but basic are always recommended 01:44 In general people on PED’s tend to be able to tolorate a higher amount of carbohydrates 03:15 You have to look at a individuals needs 04:52 Supplementation generalizations for people using PED’s 07:23 Timing of supplements with training and nutrition

Amino Acid Supplementation

  Timestamps 1:00 EAAs 2:25 Aminos that aid in signalling protein synthesis 3:45 BCAAs vs EAAs 6:20 Considerations when supplementing aminos  

Cons of EAAs Intra-Workout

  Timestamps 0:30 EAA’s are most beneficial post-workout 1:05 taking amion acids intra-workout 1:56 EAA’s intra-workout inefficient fuel source 3:17 When we look at BCAA’s inta-training 4:23 As we train intensely we breakdown and release branch chains out of the muscle tissue 7:10 The purpose of using an amino acid intra-workout  

The Importance of Fiber

You are no doubt familiar with the importance of your macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) for health, performance, and body composition.  But your fiber intake, and the type of fiber, can be equally as important for optimizing your health and recovery. There are two main classifications of fiber, soluble and insoluble, and each play important […]

Cinnamon: The Surprising Advantage Sitting on your Shelf

Cinnamon is of course a popular spice used during the holiday season, and often found in bakery favorites, but you may be surprised to learn that it also enhances much more than the topping of your favorite carb-coma-inducing desserts! Its slightly sweet and aromatic flavor is not only enjoyable (to most), but it provides a […]