Program Design Case Study: Fat Loss Periodization

Assessing if You’re Teaching and Using Proper Execution & Biomechanics

  Timestamps 1:00 You should see optimization of range of motion 3:41 If you doing things properly, you should see ROM improve over time 5:33 If your applying execution and biomechanics appropriately, you should see that you actually get stronger 6:11 You should be breaking plateaus not creating new ones 8:09 Taking sets to greater […]


Timestamps 00:15 Inflammation is not evil, some is necessary. 02:00 Focus on maximizing recovery in ways that won’t interfere with the training stimulus. 05:10 Inflammation is stress at a cellular level 07:20 Using supplements that block inflammation without addressing the root cause is not a long-term solution and might ultimately make things worse. 08:50 You […]

Opinion on HRV for Tracking ANS Regulation

Tracking heart rate variability (HRV) has been getting more popular in the fitness industry to measure stress on the autonomic nervous system (ANS). But here is what you need to consider before attempting any interventions.   Timestamps 1:20 How applicable is HRV for determining readiness to train? 2:30 Why just switching to only aerobic work […]