Hypertrophy Camp

Upgrade Your Training With Hands-On Application

September 9 - September 10, 2024

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5455 Spine Road Unit G
Boulder, , CO 80301

Join us for 2 full days of all things hypertrophy!  In addition to some killer training sessions, we’ll also discuss the principles and tools you can use in your own programming going forward to maximize building muscle. Your brain gains are the precursor to long-term growth for you and your clients.

We’ll be covering the application of the most recent research around hypertrophy-oriented training, including how to incorporate long muscle length ROM exercises, resistance profiles, and more.   Not only will you walk away with a framework for picking effective exercises, you’ll also be able to discern which of the ‘fluff’ exercises you see on social media aren’t going to be a wise choice (and why).

When it comes to specialization training for any body part, we have much more to look at than just how much volume is tolerable.  All variables become increasingly important to take your rate of progress to is peak.  Exercise selection, exercise order, average proximity to failure, frequency, these are just a few of the topics that will be paramount to your success of a fully developed physique.

Let the gains begin!


*This event is not paired with an online course