The Business Jumpstart course is for those just starting (or preparing to start) a career in the fitness industry. Or, if you are currently “winging it” and want to set up and streamline your business to run more efficiently.  It is designed to get the biggest obstacles out of your way in record time, so you can focus on doing the work that you’re passionate about and being successful while doing it. Rather than spending hours running online searches for annoying business information.

You’ll learn how to map out your business, identify your ideal customers, and more

This module includes what you need to know about different types of revenue, pricing your products/services, and how to use pricing tools like bundles, discounts, subscriptions, etc. to improve your customers’ lifetime value.

How to select the best type of business entity for you and walking through the registration process to make sure you don’t miss any important steps.

The essentials you need to know to protect yourself and your business from potential legal obstacles.

Business budgeting, investments vs expenses, and how to (potentially) save yourself thousands in taxes.

How to get your website set up and running as fast as possible, and ways to increase the power and efficiency of your site.

How to automate as much as possible and streamline essential parts of your business, like client application, intake, and check-in forms.

It’s all about how to make your day-to-day as efficient as possible.

Strategies for mastering time-management, client management, and an introduction to understanding business data and key-performance indicators are all included in this module.

Practical considerations for working with these two different types of clients, and how it can affect the way you may need to write programs.

Client testimonials are your #1 source of top-quality marketing.   You’ll learn some of the smoothest ways to get  reviews and how to properly re-use them to acquire more clients. There are ‘wrong’ ways to do this that we’ll cover as well, so you can avoid those.

Student Reviews

Students who have been running successful businesses for years wished they would have had this course when the first started.

More Thorough Than My Business Coach In a Lot of Areas

Specific to Fitness Coaching Businesses

Saves You From Missteps & Makes You More Efficient

No Extra Fluff & Easy to Implement Right Away

Removes A Ton Of Stress

More Thorough Than My Business Coach In a Lot of Areas

Specific to Fitness Coaching Businesses

Saves You From Missteps & Makes You More Efficient

Removes Stress & Makes Things Simple

Included Resources:

Launching a business requires a lot of time, effort, and investment. Not to mention self-discipline and determination! As an entrepreneur, time is money. 


Let’s help save you hundreds of hours of your time that could be spend growing your business rather than trying to ‘figure it out’ on your own when it comes to setting up systems, automations, websites, and a million other things that will be critical to your success. 


Even if you’re already a business owner, there are still strategies and knowledge you’ll find in this course that can help you continue to scale and increase your efficiency.

$ 500
$ 500

What is your time worth to you? $30/hour, $50/hour, $75/hour??

Every hour this course saves you from eliminating guesswork (or worse, poor decision that you have to undo later), is like putting that money back in your bank account.

I’ve easily invested over 100 hours of research to gather all the knowledge that I’ve packed into just a couple hours for you.

Can you afford NOT to invest in yourself by taking this course? 

Instructor: Cody Moxley

Over the last seven years I’ve overseen website construction, marketing campaigns, created business automations, and a myriad of other projects. I’ve spent hundreds of hours finding answers to questions most people don’t even know to ask until they hit a roadblock.

I’ve condensed all my past research and years of experience into a concise, actionable, easy-to-follow course.

This course will save you dozens of hours looking for answers, help avoid common costly errors, and improve your workflow so you can focus on growing your business instead of spending time on low-ROI tasks.


Great! You’re a few steps ahead, but picking the right business entity and getting it ‘officially’ set up is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’ll cover in this course. I’ll also cover strategies to help minimize your tax liabilities, improve your customer targeting, and streamline your daily operations, to name a few.

Absolutely! The majority of what is covered in this course will apply to any business, regardless of where you live. While the exact steps for business setup may differ based on your government, the principles are the same. When it comes to taxes, the sections codes won’t be the same, but once you see the strategies I lay out, I recommend checking with your local tax expert to see if there are similar rules/codes available that you can take advantage of.

You’re in the right place!  I designed this course so that even if you have zero background in business, the steps and strategies are easy to follow.  We’ll cover foundational concepts in marketing, business management, taxes, and more to accelerate your learning curve and get you up to speed in record time!

Taking this course is like getting thousands of $$ in discounts for setting up your business. Simply the time you’ll save in searching on how to do some of the basic setup will easily cover the cost of the course.  I want this course to be accessible for those on a budget as they start up, but the price also needs to be an incentive to complete the course. The WORST thing would be to sign up and then not take advantage of all the information and tools you’ll get access to.