Stop searching for answers and start finding and applying them!

Better than most full 4-year exercise science degrees, if you want knowledge you can ACTUALLY apply in your coaching.

Date: November 10-13th
Location: Boulder, Colorado (N1 HQ)

Date: December 8-11th
Location: Boulder, Colorado (N1 HQ)

Online Courses

Biomechanics, Anatomy & Execution

Nutrition & Program Design for Trainability

Online Trainer Certification (3 Courses)

Are You Ready To Break The Cycle?

I’d like to invite you to take a new approach to advancing your education and career.

We have sorted through all the science and experts, and and created a industry leading education platform to teach you everything you need to be a top coach.

Everything that we teach is relevant, and taught in the context you need to apply it.  We use easy to understand terms and metaphors and go through relatable scenarios.

The information is application focused, so you can take it and start producing results immediately.  

N1 stands for N of 1, and we take that approach with all our information.  How can you apply these principles uniquely to every individual. The best training and nutrition has to be tailored specifically an individuals needs.  We take individualization to an unmatched level in the industry.

All upcoming events will be held at the new headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. 

Online courses/certifications are open for enrollment at any time.

We have three courses that make up our Level 1 Certification.

– How to individualize the setup of each exercise for individual biomechanics
– How to teach execution to your clients with ease and in just a few sets

– How training and nutrition programs need to compliment each other for faster and better results
– How different training and nutrition programs effect stress and recovery on multiple body systems for individualized programming and periodization

– How to assess the ideal training and nutrition program for every individual
– How to choose the appropriate interventions to optimize stress management and improve digestive health

N1 is setting a new standard for education, knowledge, and integrity in the fitness industry.  We have educated hundreds students and each of them has unanimously agreed this was the best education they have ever received.


It’s literally the best way to go into training. If someone has been training for 20 days or 20 years they will benefit.​


The online courses are set up great. It’s better than the classes I took at NC State


It revolutionizes the way I train and interact with my clients, I have so much more I can use now on an individual basis​

Date: November 10-13th
LocationN1 Headquarters (Boulder, Colorado)

DateNovember 10-13th
LocationN1 Headquarters (Boulder, Colorado)

Date: December 8-11th
LocationN1 Headquarters (Boulder, Colorado)

DateDecember 8-11th
LocationN1 Headquarters (Boulder, Colorado)

Incredibly valuable

This stuff is crucial because it gets back to the foundations of anatomy and biomechanics and how the body works.  If you don’t have an understanding the foundations of how the body works, you are always going to be lost in application down the road, been incredibly valuable for me to get a much better grasp on that foundational understanding of biomechanics.

Elliott S.

A complete system to be a top coach

N1 has gathered up some of the smartest individuals in the industry and come up with a complete system to make you a top coach.  I do a lot of online training and with N1 you have a clear way to assess every individual to truly make the best program design for them and their current goals.

Derek D.

It made everything more clear and applicable

It’s been really helpful.  I tend to question myself, and this give me a lot more confidence. It put a lot of practical application to all of this knowledge that was floating around in my head.  To be able to come to the practical makes everything much more clear, seeing it, feeling it, and putting it into practice.

Whitney L.

N1 is the best certification for theory to application

The way the information is delivered it really sinks in.  You learn how to integrate all the information you have to make sure the client is always progressing. N1 should be the first place to start, and if it’s not your first place it is a great place to advance what you are doing.

Charlie H.

This is all you need

Rather than doing all sorts of courses and trying to put them together.  I pretty much have no questions left unanswered from what I have learned with the N1 course. It’s all specific and all applicable to what I want.    Nothing is over complicated, it delivers what we need to know.


I’m now ready to apply what I’ve learned

Each day has been explained so well, as we’ve gone through it in class, we came directly directly to the gym floor for application, which has been incredible beneficial and makes everything stick.  I know that I’ve got it, I am ready to take it home and use it. I definitely recommend this camp.

Emily L.

I learned so much in this course

I’m looking to compete in a bodybuilding competition this year.  It’s been really insightful to be able to fully activate my lats and other muscles for both myself and my clients.  This course was 100% more beneficial in terms of helping me with my own training and working with clients than any other course or university.

Junior C.

How We Developed N1

I spent well over 6 figures on educational courses and seminars after getting 4 degrees in the field.  Add on top of that all the hours reading books and research. After trying nearly every expert and every system, it became clear that there was something fundamentally wrong or missing from our education system.  

No matter how much knowledge I gained, it always seemed the the real answers were still to come.  I was always focused on finding that next thing, thinking this would contain the answers I have been looking for.

Eventually I ran out of out places to look.  I had exceeded the knowledge base of nearly all my mentors and realized no one had the answers I was looking for, and if I wanted them, I was going to have to figure this out myself.  

The irony is that it was re-examining the most simple things, that was giving me the answers to the real world training and nutrition questions I had as a coach.

I spent 2 years working backwards through every book, recording and pile of notes I had.  It was there at the beginning, the foundations at which all the advanced education was built on that things needed to be revised.  Everyone has been so focused on moving forward that no one looked back to see if we started in the right direction.

What I have done is gone back to the foundations of what every trainer and coach needs to understand about training and nutrition.  

I have applied the science we now have and context to bring about a whole new understanding of what’s important, eliminating so much noise from what you need to focus on.

I created an educational platform that is designed to maximize your ability to learn and apply the information.  Everything is taught in context, so it’s easy to see the value, and you can apply what you learn almost instantly.

And because these are principles, not tricks that only work for a few people or small populations, everything you learn can be applied to every person on an individual basis, from athlete to general population.

Here are just some of the things you will learn:


I’ve been doing this for 14 years and this is by far the best thing I have ever done. It answered a whole lot of questions I’ve had for years.


It’s been so eye opening, I wish this was around 15 years ago, it would have prevented so many injuries for myself.


Kassem changed the way I think about fitness, about contraction, about everything. He is the best, he’s on another level.

If you have any questions about attending the event or any of the online courses, please contact us at [email protected]

Date: November 10-13th
LocationN1 Headquarters (Boulder, Colorado)

DateNovember 10-13th
LocationN1 Headquarters (Boulder, Colorado)

Date: December 8-11th
LocationN1 Headquarters (Boulder, Colorado)

DateDecember 8-11th
LocationN1 Headquarters (Boulder, Colorado)