Lat Hypertrophy Workshop

In this exclusive event, we’re packaging up the most impactful knowledge for maximizing the efficiency of lat hypertrophy training.

We have been pioneering some of the latest advances in biomechanics  research and application to resistance training over the last several years. You have likely seen many of the exercises that came from N1 across Instagram or TikTok (often posted by other influencers).

Education Includes:

The coaches will be diving into the science and application of maximizing the potential growth for your lats.  We’ll cover the relevant anatomy, the latest information regarding lengthened biased training, it’s applications in your training, techniques and methods for maximizing hypertrophy, as well as addressing common myths and misunderstandings about lat training.

We’ll also dive in to programming options with examples and scenarios of how to apply these methods in your own training, including when/where to utilize them based on the exercises that you have available. Then we’ll head out to the gym floor to show exactly how to set up for each division of the lats with various exercises and even manipulate common equipment you may have access to, to make them even more effective for stimulating hypertrophy.


After the lecture and demonstrations, we’ll host a Q&A and then a training session where we’ll put you through the application of what you’ve learned (limited availability) and personally assist you in optimizing your setup and technique to improve your lat training effectiveness for years to come.

October 22nd

12:00pm – 2:00pm: Seminar & Demonstration
2:00pm – 2:30pm: Q&A
2:30pm – 4:00pm: Lat Training Session

Hosted at American Barbell

Lats Workshop

Seminar & Demonstration
$ 100
  • Lat Hypertrophy Workshop
  • Lat Training Q&A

Lats Workshop & Training

$ 200
  • Lat Hypertrophy Workshop
  • Lats Training Q&A
  • Lats Training Session w/N1 Coaches
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