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Meet Some Of Our Students

It’s been mind-blowing

“The education here of approaching it from a completely different standpoint from anything else I’ve seen has been revolutionary for me […] I feel like I didn’t give you guys enough money, to be completely honest.”

– Aaron

The Experience… Amazing!

“I wanted to come back a second time because I learned so much the first time”

– Lindsay Parker, Personal Trainer

One of the Greatest Experiences

“My biggest take-away was for sure the idea of arcs of motion. These are tools that I’m now able to help my 1-on-1 clients with that I didn’t have prior. It’s changed the way I think about training.”

– Bryan Boorstein, Personal Trainer

Not Your Typical Classroom Stuff

“There is no other course on the market right now that teaches you how to apply what you learn in a book to real life”

-Nathalia Melo, Ms. Olympia, Fitness Coach

Very Valuable, I would recommend it to anybody

“There are a lot of “fluff” exercises that you see on Instagram that don’t really do anything and I’m wasting my time doing them. Come take this course and actually learn how to properly train for your physique”

-Monica Ellis, IFBB Pro

How People Have Said It Compares To Other Fitness Courses

When N1 delivers information… it really sinks in

“The non-intimidating aspect that the coaches are walking around with. It makes it feel really easy to get things clarified without feeling like you’re asking a dumb question”


When you decide to get serious about training. Take N1

“I love the scientific breakdown of everything. When we step into the gym showing each of the exercises you made sure everyone feels it the right way, going through with every single individual”

-Endi Beqiri, Personal Trainer

You have something you can apply immediately

The problem with most educational experiences is everything is so theory-based that you have no application when you leave and most of the time you leave more confused than when you came in. This experience of N1 Education has stood out for me, because i’ve been doing this for two decades, is you have something that you can apply as soon as you leave the course

It’s an all-in-one, a one-stop shop for everything that you need to be a good trainer, a good coach, because they are taking all the principles from multiple sources and basically throwing out what is useless and taking what you can apply to real people

Allen Cress, IFBB Pro, Personal Trainer

Would You Like To Attend A Live Practical?

You’re going to walk away knowing what to do as a personal trainer

“When I got my NASM certification, I realized I did not know enough. […] You want to be able to give your clients the best, and that’s what I feel I’ve achieved from this experience. 

– Heather

The execution stuff we’re doing here is fantastic

“There’s nothing as far as execution and biomechanics that comes close to measuring up”

– Curtis Howden, Personal Trainer & ACE Instructor

Still Deciding If This Is Right For You? Try A Free Sample of Our Courses.


  • Q: How is this different from other anatomy courses or learning from textbooks?

    We’ve spent thousands of dollars buying other courses to see what else is out there, and nothing we’ve seen is even close to what we do in terms of detail, accuracy, and application. The largest flaw in the other anatomy or biomechanics courses is that they lack an understanding of anatomy applied in 3D and in conjunction with the nervous system. This leads to incorrect exercise execution and recommendations that at best are inefficient and at worst, detrimental. Hundreds of hours have been spent researching and testing to validate the information provided in these courses, not including real-world application with ourselves, our clients, and the clients of our students who have gone through these courses already.
  • Q: Are there any prerequisites for the courses or Practical?

    The only prerequisite for the courses is a basic knowledge of anatomy (know what the muscles are called) 
    and we’ll take care of the rest!

    A2: The Practical requires completion of the first two modules of the Biomechanics Course before arriving.
    That is why we only offer bundles with the Practical that includes the Biomechanics Course (unless you’ve already bought it).
  • Q: Do you offer payment plans?

    If you are in the United States, you will see an option for a payment plan using Klarna on the checkout page. If you are not in the United States, we can offer a payment plan via PayPal for the full certification (3 courses) bundle, but not for individual courses. Please contact [email protected] for payment details if you’re interested in the PayPal plan option.
  • Q: Will these courses certify me to train people in a gym?

    The courses will teach you information that is essential for every good trainer to know, and set you apart from your peers in terms of knowledge and skills. However, they are not yet widely accepted for a license as a PT. So you will need to get a certificate from NASM, ACE, etc. to attain the license and insurance necessary to work in a gym.
  • Q: Where are the Practicals located? Are they held in multiple locations?

    We used to travel all over the world up through 2019. We have now opened our own facility in Colorado and that is where we will now be hosting the majority of our Practicals and seminars. At least through 2022, we do not plan to travel to other countries. The experience is just so much better here since we have all the equipment we need and full control of the facility, rather than working around the clients/members at someone else’s gym.

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