Troubleshooting for Trainers with Luke Leaman

Upgrade Your Training With Hands-On Application

October 28 - October 31, 2023

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5455 Spine Road, Unit G
Boulder, , CO 80301

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About This Event:

Being a great coach is not about how many books you read, or how many big words you can use to impress a client, it’s about being able to problem solve for a client, so they have the highest probability of reaching their goals in the smallest amount of time and effort possible.  If clients come to us with physical limitations, while it is usually not within our scope to attempt to ‘treat’ certain issues, it IS our job to find solutions that allow our clients to still train and get results.

Over these 4 days we’ll be focusing on identifying, assessing, and troubleshooting some of the most common limitations you may run into with both online and in person clients. We’ll explore intervention options that are within your scope as a trainer, including; exercise selection, programming options, and techniques like PNFs, stretches, and isometrics that can have an immediate impact on a client’s readiness to train and perform in their session and/or progress them out of the limitation.

Kassem and Luke will draw on their years of experience working with both general population and advanced athletes in addition to insights from the published literature in this area to provide a framework that is easily applied from the moment you leave the course.


Day 1Wrist, forearm, and elbow flexion/extension
Day 2 – Lumbo-Pelvic & Hip
Day 3 – Shoulder: Sternoclavicular, scapular, glenohumeral
Day 4 – Knee & Ankle

Daily Schedule:
– Common exercise/movement limitations
– Assessments
– Interventions
       – Corrective Exercise selection
– Output Exercise Selection and modification
       – Progressions/regressions

PM: Practical
– Assessment Practice
– Intervention Practice
– Workout


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