Program Design Practical

Upgrade Your Training With Hands-On Application

February 16 - February 19, 2023

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5455 Spine Road, Unit G
Boulder, , CO 80303

4 Days of Program Design Application.

We will walk through trainability scenarios, and create stimulus based programs for individuals. Learn how we choose different program architectures, and progress and regress them. The content in this Practical can be directly applied to everyone from general population clients to advanced athletes.

We will be doing case scenarios from start to finish, including periodization, so you can learn the thought process to accelerate and upgrade your decision-making.

This is not a repeat of (or replacement for) the Nutrition & Program Design for Trainability course.
It is a separate course and Practical.

If you have already completed Nutrition & Program Design for Trainability, this will expand your programming tools that you can utilize for all of the stimuli and with the principles learned in that course. If you have not, you will still walk away with a valuable set of skills and knowledge that you can immediately begin applying.

The online course that pairs with this Practical is currently in production. The units will begin getting uploaded in January.