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March 31 - April 3, 2022

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About the N1 Biomechanics & Execution Practical:

This is the single best improvement you can make to your own training or as a professional training clients in person or online. All results from training start with the quality of the training. Programming only matters if you are able to execute the program and the Biomechanics and Execution online course combined with the practical give you the tools to achieve and/or deliver the highest quality training experience

– N1 Education provides a learning process that allows you to take scientific principles and immediately apply them to training programs and exercises
– Learn how to individualize every exercise for an individual body and goal
– Learn the essentials to find the active range of motion and the optimal setup for every major muscle group and exercise.
– Optimize your exercise section, tempo, and execution to maximize the training effect of every rep performed in the gym

This isn’t a dry course that sounds like a textbook. You will learn how to get the most out of every rep and every client, every session. You get the hands on experience with the best coaches in the world to compliment the online course content and give you confidence in application.

Daily Schedule:

8:30-9am Arrive at facility

9am-10:30am Classroom Lecture on Anatomy & Biomechanics

10:30am-11:30am Execution Demonstrations

11:30am-1:00pm Training Session

1:00-2:00pm Lunch Break

2:00pm-4:00pm Execution Demonstrations & Training Session

4:00-4:30pm Classroom Lecture, Q&A

Special Event Option- Biomechanics Assessment & Intervention
(4:30pm-6:00pm Friday & Saturday)

Learn to assess range of motion limitations in your clients and how you can intervene to immediately improve their performance in the gym. In this hands-on seminar, Dr. Nelson will focus on the two most common “problem areas” for clients; hips and scapular movement.

These are not “treatments” and are well within a trainer’s scope of practice to aid their clients in moving better within their training sessions.

These techniques often involve pressure points that stimulate the nervous system for the desired effect.

This is not like theraguns, foam rolling, or stretching that all have an inhibitory effect on the nervous system, which is far from ideal when you are about to try and train with any degree of intensity.

These are simple, fast, safe, and highly effective for improving short-term function and range of motion that can allow your clients to train until the underlying cause of whatever dysfunction they are experiencing is addressed.

Watch an example as Dr. Nelson increases a client’s external and internal rotation at the shoulder in just a matter of seconds!

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Course 01 Anatomy, Execution & Biomechanics


Course Modules


# units

Science of Reps


Functional Anatomy


Programming & Periodizing Tempo & Momentum


Programming & Periodizing Reps


Programming & Periodizing Sets


Programming & Periodizing Rest


Programming & Periodizing Volume & Frequency


Practical Skills Introduction






Upper Back






Hip Extension
















Certification Courses

Anatomy, Execution & Biomechanics

Nutrition & Program Design For Trainability

Assessing & Optimizing Sleep Digestion, and Stress Management for Trainability


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