Hypertrophy Camp – Texas

Upgrade Your Training With Hands-On Application

December 5 - December 6, 2020

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109 N Greenville Ave A
Allen, , TX 75002

Join us for 2 Days of intense brain gains and muscle pain.

The hypertrophy camp is a workout intensive weekend where participants will learn the N1 foundational principles of training for hypertrophy and how to setup and execute the best exercises to apply those principles in the gym. Part of that execution will be understanding the appropriate application of intensity and training to failure.

Pre Camp Online Course Content (Must Complete before attending)

Foundational Principles (From the first module of our Anatomy & Biomechanics Course)
– Range of Motion
– Tension & Execution Relationship
– Training Goal SPecificity
– Importance of Reps
– Introduction to Resistance Curves
– Introduction to Levers and Moment Arms
– Introduction to Exercise Physics
– Introduction to momentum

Mechanical Tension and Effect Reps Theory (from our foundations of program design course)
– Reviewing the effective reps Theory
– Mechanical Tension Theory Part 1
– Mechanical Tension Theory Part 2
– Training to Failure Overview
– Comparing Qualifiers of Failure
– Plus a few more units to be added by/before Nov 14th.

Pre Camp Webinar Q&A
– 12/1/2020 , the Tuesday before the camp we will have a live Q&A webinar in the early evening CST to cover questions on the pre-Camp Materials

Weekend Itinerary

The majority of the weekend will be spent learning on the floor learning hands on and training. Each Day will consist of 2 on floor setup and execution demos followed by the respective workouts (1 AM, and 1 PM). There will be a short lecture and Q&A section to start each morning, and upon returning from the lunch breaks.

Each day will start at 9AM sharp. Come early not late! We will take a 1 hour lunch break around noon, and then resume to approximately 4PM.

Please feel free to show up at 8:30AM on the first day to meet the coaches and students. There will not be time to mingle during the workshop. Coaches will take photos with survivors at the end of day 2.


Should I take this or the Anatomy and Biomechanics Practical?
– The anatomy and biomechanics practical is going to go much more in depth on anatomy and mechanics and will have a large focus on application from a trainer or coaches perspective in terms of learning to assess and cue a client. The hypertrophy camp us designed more for people who are not trainers and coaches that want to get a solid training foundation for their personal hypertrophy goals. It’s also fine for anyone that just wants to get some great coaching by N1 coaches and train their butt off for 2 days with like minded trainees.

What if I have an injury or can’t do certain exercises?
– Because the workouts are situated for a large group, we will be limited on accommodations for exercise selection changes and special conditions. We will do the best we can, but as the group workout will be occupying most of the equipment and the coaches, we can not promise the availability to accommodate every ouchie and boo boo. However learning the principles and motions will help you when you can return to such activities.

I’ve already taken the Biomechanics Practical and/or Program Design Course. Will I learn anything new in the hypertrophy camp?
– Depending on how long ago you took a camp, we have continued to refine and improve many things. However, for trainers and coaches, I would suggest you use your re-take discount and attend a more recent anatomy and biomechanics practical over the hypertrophy camp, unless you mostly want to come for the training session experience.

What do I get with the (1 Year Training Membership) bundle?
– The annual membership is to the N1 Training Website. This has our exercise library with videos, setup and execution cues. Tons of articles and videos. It is the best resource for exercise information on the planet. Having this resource will serve as a way for you to build upon your experience at the camp for the rest of the year. Bundling with the camp saves you 50% on the membership. You can check out the N1 Training site at www.n1.training (no dot com)


I Can’t Recommend N1 Education Enough

Paul Carter

Fitness Coach
Very Valuable. I Would Absolutely Recommend It To Anybody

Monica Ellis

When You Decide To Get Serious About Training, Take N1.

Endi Beqiri

Personal Trainer
Not Your Typical Classroom Stuff

Nathalia Melo

Ms. Olympia, Fitness Coach